Heraklion Airport Taxi Services

Airport Taxis in Heraklion stop at the ranks outside the terminal. Licensed taxicabs are grey and can carry up to 4 passengers (3 in the back 1 in the front). If your party has more than 4 travelers, a pre-booked van is a better option. Otherwise travelers need to hire 2 separate taxis.
Customers wanting a taxi enter a queue and are given a taxi on a first come, first serve basis. The HER airport can be very busy in peak season, waiting queues can also become long, so very often travelers have no other choice but to share the car with people who don’t know.
All taxis use a taximeter. On the other hand there is a range of extra fees that can be added.

  • The airport fee is €2.51.
  • The taxi meter ticks off at double speed between midnight and 05:00 a.m.
  • Each passenger can bring 1 suitcase up to 10 kg (22 pounds) and 1 small handbag for free. Excess luggage is charged €0.38 per kg.
  • Furthermore, the taxi meter ticks over on the time and distance of the journey, so in case of traffic jam, expect to pay more than your estimated cost

Tip: In Heraklion Airport their is an Information Center available to assist you with any questions if you have any concerns regarding the taxi pricing.

Heraklion Airport Taxi Fares

Estimated cost to hire a metered taxi (up to 4 travelers) from Heraklion Airport to Heraklion City and other destinations in Crete, including Chania and Rethymno (normal traffic). Some Heraklion Hotels offer cab services at relatively competitive prices. You can ask for a taxi quota at the time of the booking.

DestinationPrices in EuroDistance in KmDistance in MilesDuration
Agia Galini€ 878552.870 min
Agia Marina€ 16416099.4120 min
Agia Pelagia€ 343018.630 min
Agios Nikolaos€ 686540.460 min
Agios Nikolaos, Candia Park Village hotel€ 686540.460 min
Agios Nikolaos, Coral Hotel€ 686540.460 min
Agios Nikolaos, hotel Iberostar Hermes€ 686540.460 min
Agios Nikolaos, Minos Beach Art Hotel, Crete€ 686540.460 min
Agios Nikolaos, Mirabello Beach & Village€ 686540.460 min
Agios Nikolaos, Sensimar Minos Palace Hotel & Suites€ 686540.460 min
Agios Nikolaos, St.Nicolas Bay Resort Hotel & Villas€ 686540.460 min
Almirida€ 13312074.6100 min
Amirandes Grecotel Exclusive Resort, Gouves, Crete€ 252515.525 min
Ammoudara (Ag. Nikolaos)€ 767747.870 min
Ammoudara – Gazi€ 212012.420 min
Amoudara, Agapi Beach Resort, Heraklion, Crete€ 212012.420 min
Amoudara, Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa€ 212012.420 min
Amoudara, Atlantica Akti Zeus€ 212012.420 min
Amoudara, Creta Beach Hotel€ 212012.420 min
Amoudara, TUI MAGIC LIFE Candia Maris€ 212012.420 min
Analipsi Hersonisos€ 312616.227 min
Analipsis, Europa Beach Hotel, Hersonissos, Crete€ 312515.525 min
Analipsis, INSULA ALBA Resort & Spa – Adults Only€ 312515.530 min
Analipsis, Stella Island Resort & Spa, Hersonissos, Crete€ 312515.530 min
Analipsis, Stella Palace hotel, Hersonissos, Crete€ 312515.530 min
Anissaras€ 322716.828 min
Anissaras, Atlantica Sensatori Resort, Hersonissos, Crete€ 322515.530 min
Anissaras, Hotel Anissa Beach & Village, Hersonissos, Crete€ 322515.530 min
Anissaras, Kosta Mare Palace, Hersonissos, Crete€ 322515.530 min
Anissaras, Lyttos Beach Hotel, Hersonissos, Crete€ 322515.530 min
Archanes village€ 262012.425 min
Bali€ 545433.640 min
Bali Star Hotel€ 545433.640 min
Blue Bay Resort Hotel, Agia Pelagia€ 343018.630 min
Blue Marine Resort & Spa, Agios Nikolaos€ 768049.760 min
Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort and Spa, Elounda, Crete€ 808049.760 min
Caramel Grecotel Boutique Resort, Adele€ 838049.760 min
Chania Airport€ 16415797.6130 min
Chania town€ 15414791.3120 min
Chora Sfakion€ 15915395.1135 min
Daios Cove Luxury Resort & Villas, Agios Nikolaos€ 768049.760 min
Domus of Elounda€ 808049.760 min
Elafonisi€ 220217134.8160 min
Elounda€ 747546.670 min
Elounda – Plaka€ 808552.870 min
Elounda Akti Olous Hotel€ 747546.660 min
Elounda Bay Palace Hotel, Elounda Crete€ 747546.660 min
Elounda Beach Hotel & Villas, Elounda Crete€ 747546.660 min
Elounda Garden Suites, Elounda€ 747546.660 min
Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites€ 747546.660 min
Elounda Heights Hotel, Elounda€ 747546.660 min
Elounda Ilion Hotel, Elounda€ 747546.660 min
Elounda Mare hotel, Relais & Chateaux, Elounda€ 747546.660 min
Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel€ 747546.660 min
Elounda Sunrise Apartments€ 747546.660 min
Elounda Water Park Residence Hotel€ 747546.660 min
Elounda, Alikes Apartments, elounda crete€ 747546.660 min
Elounda, Royal Marmin Bay Boutique & Art Hotel, Lasithi, Crete€ 748049.760 min
Elounda, SENSIMAR Elounda Village Resort & Spa by AQUILA€ 747546.660 min
Elounda, SENTIDO Elounda Blu, Crete€ 747546.660 min
Ferma – Ierapetra€ 12211068.4110 min
Fodele€ 353320.530 min
Fodele Beach & Water Park Holiday Resort, Fodele€ 353320.530 min
Fragokastelo€ 15915093.2150 min
Georgioupolis€ 11410565.280 min
Georgioupolis, Anemos Luxury Grand Resort, Chania€ 11410565.280 min
Georgioupolis, Mare Monte Beach, Chania€ 11410565.280 min
Georgioupolis, Pilot Beach Resort, Chania€ 11410565.280 min
Gouves€ 252515.525 min
Gouves Waterpark Holiday Resort€ 252515.525 min
Grecotel Creta Palace, Rethymno€ 838049.760 min
Heraklion town€ 20106.220 min
Hersonissos / Chersonissos€ 322817.429 min
Hersonissos, Aldemar Knossos Royal & Royal Villas€ 322515.530 min
Hersonissos, Aldemar Royal Mare€ 322515.530 min
Hersonissos, Arminda Hotel & SPA€ 322515.530 min
Hersonissos, Creta Maris Hotel Hersonissos Crete€ 322515.530 min
Hersonissos, Grand Hotel Holiday Resort, HERSONISSOS€ 322515.530 min
Hersonissos, Imperial Belvedere Hotel Hersonissos Crete€ 322515.530 min
Hersonissos, Mediterraneo Hotel€ 322515.530 min
Hersonissos, Nana Beach Resort€ 322515.530 min
Hersonissos, Royal Belvedere Hotel Hersonissos Crete€ 322515.530 min
Hersonissos, Serita Beach Hotel€ 322515.530 min
Hersonissos, Silva Beach Hotel, Crete€ 322515.530 min
Hersonissos, Star Beach Village & Water Park / Hersonissos€ 323018.630 min
Hersonissos, Village Heights Golf Resort, Ano Hersonissos, Crete€ 322515.530 min
Ierapetra€ 10910062.190 min
Ierapetra, Hotel Ostria Resort & Spa€ 10910062.190 min
Ierapetra, Petra Mare Hotel€ 10910062.190 min
Istro€ 838955.379 min
Istron Bay Hotel€ 838955.375 min
Karteros€ 20106.215 min
Kissamos€ 198187116.2125 min
Kokkini Hani€ 202012.420 min
Kokkini Hani, Arina Beach Resort€ 202012.420 min
Kokkini Hani, Knossos Beach Bungalows & Suites hotel€ 202012.420 min
Kokkini Hani, Mitsis Rinela Beach Resort & Spa€ 202012.420 min
Kolymbari€ 171178110.6120 min
Koutouloufari€ 322817.429 min
Koutouloufari Village Holiday Club, Hersonissos€ 322515.530 min
Koutouloufari, Adonis Studios Crete Hersonissos€ 322515.530 min
Koutouloufari, Astra Village, Hersonissos€ 322515.530 min
Koutouloufari, Galaxy Villas Resort, Hersonissos€ 322515.530 min
Koutouloufari, Marni Village, Hersonissos€ 322515.530 min
Koutouloufari, Petra Village, Hersonissos€ 322515.530 min
Koutouloufari, SUNRISE APTS, Hersonissos, Crete€ 322515.530 min
Koutouloufari, Villa Diktynna, Hersonissos€ 322515.530 min
Koutsounari€ 10912074.6110 min
Lygaria€ 292716.825 min
Lygaria, Athina Palace, Heraklion€ 292716.825 min
Makrigialos€ 12612577.7120 min
Makrigialos, Royal Villea Village€ 12612275.8118 min
Makrigialos, SENTIDO Mikri Poli Atlantica€ 12612275.8118 min
Maleme€ 164173107.5118 min
Malia€ 413924.230 min
Malia, Alexander Beach Hotel & Village€ 414024.930 min
Malia, allsun Hotel Carolina Mare€ 413320.530 min
Malia, Drosia Palms Hotel€ 413924.230 min
Malia, Ikaros Beach Resort & Spa€ 414024.930 min
Malia, Kernos Beach€ 414024.930 min
Malia, Kyknos Beach Hotel & Bungalows€ 414024.930 min
Malia, Parthenis Beach hotel€ 413924.230 min
Malia, Royal Heights Resort Hotel Malia Crete€ 414024.930 min
Malia, Sirens Hotels Beach & Village€ 414024.930 min
Malia,Cretan Malia Park Hotel€ 413924.230 min
Matala€ 857546.665 min
Milatos€ 615232.343 min
Milatos, Radisson Blu Beach Resort, Milatos Crete€ 615332.950 min
Mitsis Laguna Resort & Spa, Hersonissos, Crete€ 323018.630 min
Mochlos€ 10910867.190 min
Mochlos, Aldiana Kreta, Mochlos Sitia€ 10910867.190 min
Myrtos€ 1169961.575 min
Out Of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort, Agia Pelagia€ 343018.630 min
Paleochora€ 219220136.7160 min
Panormo€ 727043.550 min
Panormos, Grecotel Club Marine Palace & Suites€ 727043.550 min
Panormos, Hotel IBEROSTAR Creta Marine€ 727043.550 min
Panormos, Hotel IBEROSTAR Creta Panorama & Mare€ 727043.550 min
Panormos, Royal Blue Resort & Spa, Rethymno€ 727043.550 min
Piskopiano€ 322817.429 min
Piskopiano Village, Hersonissos€ 322515.530 min
Piskopiano, Asterias Village Resort, Hersonissos€ 322515.530 min
Plakias€ 11412074.6100 min
Plakias, Hapimag Resort Damnoni€ 11412074.6100 min
Platanias€ 179165102.5130 min
Porto Elounda GOLF & SPA RESORT, Elounda, Crete€ 747546.660 min
Rethymno ( Adele, Platanes)€ 838049.760 min
Rethymno Palace Hotel€ 838049.760 min
Rethymno town€ 859055.970 min
Rethymno, Achillion Palace hotel, Rethimno€ 858049.760 min
Rethymno, Aquila Rithymna Beach€ 838049.760 min
Rethymno, BIO Suites Hotel€ 858049.760 min
Rethymno, Caramel Grecotel Boutique Resort, Adele€ 838049.760 min
Rethymno, Grand Leoniki Residence€ 838049.760 min
Rethymno, Grecotel Creta Palace€ 838049.760 min
Rethymno, Hotel Aquila Porto Rethymno€ 858552.860 min
Rethymno, Hotel Batis, Rethimno€ 858049.760 min
Rethymno, Hotel Fortetsa€ 859055.970 min
Rethymno, Hotel Ideon€ 858552.870 min
Rethymno, Kriti Beach Hotel, Rethimno€ 858049.760 min
Rethymno, Macaris Suites & Spa€ 859055.970 min
Rethymno, Rimondi Boutique Hotel€ 858552.870 min
Rethymno, SENTIDO Aegean Pearl€ 858049.760 min
Rethymno, Steris – Elegant Beach Hotel€ 858049.760 min
Rethymno, White Palace Grecotel Luxury Resort€ 838049.760 min
Sea Side Resort & Spa, Agia Pelagia€ 343018.630 min
Sisi€ 534528.040 min
Sisi, Angela Suites Boutique Hotel, Sissi-Crete€ 534528.040 min
Sisi, Castello Boutique Resort & Spa, Sissi-Crete€ 534528.040 min
Sisi, Castello Village Resort, Sissi-Crete€ 534528.040 min
Sisi, Hotel Sissi Bay Hotel And Spa€ 534528.040 min
Sisi, Meli Palace All-inclusive Resort€ 534528.040 min
Sisi, VASIA HOTELS & SPA€ 534528.040 min
Sitia€ 14714590.1135 min
Sitia Beach City Resort & Spa€ 14714590.1135 min
Stalida, Bella Vista Apartments hotel Stalis€ 373521.730 min
Stalida, CACTUS ROYAL SPA RESORT HOTEL€ 373521.730 min
Stalida, SENTIDO Blue Sea Beach, Stalis€ 373521.730 min
Stalida,Cactus Beach Hotel & Bungalows€ 373521.730 min
Stalida,Latania Apartments, Stalis€ 373521.730 min
Stalis – Stalida€ 373521.730 min
Stalis – Stalida, Anastasia Hotel€ 373521.730 min
Stalis – Stalida, Malliotakis Beach Hotel€ 373521.730 min
Sunwing Makrigialos Beach, Makrigialos€ 12612275.8118 min